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Bricks and Mortar


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We are introducing ourselves

For 4 generations, LMDgroup Sàrl has been considered a truly reliable construction company by Swiss and European residents. We have always offered our customers a wide range of services to meet all their needs. Whatever you have in mind, let us know and our professionals will bring your dreams to life. Contact us to receive a free quote today.



We have provided comprehensive services to our clients in various industries. We believe the key to ensuring customer satisfaction is extending our resources and expertise to a wide range of industries. Discover our specialties and contact us today to receive a free estimate.




Our certified and insured professionals have helped countless clients discover the joy and benefits of working with LMDgroup Sàrl. We will customize our services to meet the specific needs and requirements of each project, committing to quality and efficiency, while saving clients money in the long run.


Do you have a project in mind? Contact us and let our experts help you get the job done.

Rue Les Pargots 11
2416 The Brenets
Neuchâtel Switzerland


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